P7 is transitioning to a new name. The new name is Indigo Storm. David DeWolfe has joined the band as bassist. David is highly skilled and a great addition to the lineup. Check out the new Indigo Storm Facebook and Instagram links in the upper right corner of this page for info on the band or  hit the link below to go directly to the new website.



Lexington,Kentucky’s PointSeven is a band quoted as saying they “just really want to make music, nail it every time, and have fun”.  Throwing down  their brand of original alternative/hard rock music across Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee, PointSeven is gaining the attention of music lovers of all ages.  The following is a review excerpt by the professional blog team at Cinnamon Hollow:

When the server seated us, my brother-in-law asked who the band for the night was and we were told it was a group of teens from Lexington, KY. Since that is our hometown we were really excited to check them out. Now, I have to tell you, up front, that none of us really gave much credit when we heard “teen band”. Of, course, we assumed they would be “good” since they were playing at the Hard Rock Cafe, but I think in the back of our minds we all pictured a simple garage band. We had no idea what a treat we were about to receive!

These guys aren’t “good”. They are fantastic!

Folks, when you hear that the band is young, don’t assume, like I did. Because their age and length of band life means NOTHING! They have talent. They have chemistry. They have stage presence. They have professionalism and, they have maturity. Just before they started to play, (because I was rude and interrupted their meal for a photo – they were so nice and accommodating) the guys talked to me, personally, and carried on a conversation about their music with so much passion and knowledge that it blew my mind before I’d even heard them play! And all of those things shine through when they are on that stage performing.

Each guy is doing his own thing but you can tell that they listen to each other, they work together to make music and they mesh so well! I’ve been to concerts for older, established artists that dawdled between songs, either re-tuning, chatting with each other or just simply taking mini breaks between songs. PointSeven didn’t do this. They went from song to song without missing a beat. And that made for an even more enjoyable show.”